Quick Facts

Spring (March – mid May): warm and humid. Temperatures range from 18-27C (64-80F). Humidity averages 82%.

Summer (late May – mid September): sunny and hot, with occasional rain. Temperatures range from 26-33C (78-91F). Typical day-time temperature is over 30C (86F). Humidity is high at 90%.

Autumn (late September – early December): sunny and cool. Temperatures range from 18-28C (64-82F). Humidity averages 72%. It is the end of the typhoon season, so a typhoon is still possible but unlikely.

Winter (mid December – February): cool and dry. Temperatures range from 14-20C (57-68F) Humidity averages 72%.

For fair visitors, the fair goes on regardless of any weather conditions in both the air-conditioned Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) and the AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE), which has plenty of large windows so you can observe the weather in cool comfort.

Tropical cyclones normally occur in Hong Kong during the months of May to November. Tropical cyclone advisory bulletins and/or warnings are issued by the Hong Kong Observatory whenever a tropical cyclone is centred within 800km of, and may pose a threat to, the territory. 

The Hong Kong Observatory uses numbers 1, 3, 8, 9 and 10 to signify the strength of a tropical cyclone in the vicinity of Hong Kong. 

SIGNAL 1: A tropical cyclone is centred within 800km of Hong Kong and may later possibly affect the territory. 


SIGNAL 3: Strong wind is expected or blowing generally in Hong Kong near sea level, and the wind condition is expected to persist. Winds are normally expected to become generally strong in Hong Kong within 12 hours after this signal is issued. 


SIGNAL 8 AND ABOVE: Gale or storm force wind is expected or blowing in Hong Kong near sea level, which may increase in strength and the conditions are expected to persist. Winds are normally expected to reach gale force generally in Hong Kong within 12 hours after a No. 8 signal replaces No. 3 signal. 

In the event of a Signal 8 and above being issued, a decision will be made by the Organiser on whether the Fair will open, or remains open. 


Latest tropical cyclone information and related announcements are broadcast on radio and TV and posted on the Hong Kong Observatory website (www.weather.gov.hk) and on the Dial-a-Weather system (Hong Kong telephone: 1878 200). 

** In case of discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions, the English version is authoritative.

Most restaurants add 10% service charge automatically. Waiters also expect to pick up loose change. Larger tips, often 10%, are expected if there is no service charge. Small tips of HK$5-10 are common for hotel porters who carry your luggage and hotel doormen if they provide a specific service beyond holding the door of the car when you arrive or leave. Toilet attendants, who provide a hand-washing service in some hotels and restaurants, and cloakroom attendants, expect a tip of HK$2-5.

There is no custom tariff in Hong Kong and goods imported or exported require minimal customs formalities. This is a major convenience for all exhibitors and visitors to the Fair.

Excise duties are levied only on tobacco, liquor, methyl alcohol and hydrocarbon oil. Import and export licenses and Certificates of Origin are only required to enable Hong Kong to fulfil its international obligations and for health and safety.

Hong Kong has a fixed exchange rate which ties the HK dollar to the US dollar within a narrow band. The upper end of the band is HK$7.80 to US$1. There are no currency restrictions and the Hong Kong dollar is freely convertible with all other currencies. There are many currency exchange operators, as well as banks and hotels and at the airport. All major credit cards are accepted at hotels, banks, large restaurants and stores.

Hong Kong is one of the safest cities in the world, with a very low crime rate. However, as at every major global jewellery fair, exhibitors and visitors are reminded to keep close watch on your goods when you are in a public area, such as taxi station, lifts, rest room and airport.

General Numbers

Emergency Calls (Police/Fire/Ambulance) 999
Police Hotline (crime reporting, taxi complaints, etc) 2527 7177

24 hours medical service
Queen Mary Hospital 2255 3838
Queen Elizabeth Hospital 3506 8888

Free Ambulance Service
24 Hours Free Ambulance Service (by Hong Kong St. John Ambulance) 1878 000
Consumer Council 2929 2222

Overseas Calls
Collect Calls 10010
IDD & Cardphone Inquiries 10013

Visitor Travel Hotlines
Hong Kong International Airport 21818888
Hong Kong Tourism Board 2508 1234
Immigration Department 2824 6111
China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Limited 2998 7888

Credit Cards Lost or Stolen (24-hour)
American Express 2811 6122
Diners Club 2860 1888

Major Airlines (Reservation/Flight Information)
Air Canada 2867 8111
Air France 2501 9433
Air India 2522 1176
Alitalia Airlines 2543 6998
British Airways / Qantas Airways 3071 5083
Cathay Pacific Airways 2747 3333
China Airlines 2868 2299
China National Aviation Corp. 2861 0288
Cathay Dragon 2747 3333
Delta Air Lines 800-965-716 
Japan Airlines 3919 1111
Korean Air 2366 2001
Lufthansa German Airlines 2868 2313
Malaysia Airlines 2916 0088
Philippine Airlines 2361 9300
Singapore Airlines 2520 2233
Swissair 3002 1330
Thai Airways Int’l 2179 7777
United Airlines 2810 4888
Virgin Atlantic Airways 2532 3000

Consulate Generals
Australia 2827 8881
Belgium 2524 3111
Brazil 2525 7004
Canada 3719 4700
Finland 2525 5385
France 3752 9900
Germany 2105 8788
Indonesia 3651 0200
Israel 2821 7500
Italy 2522 0033
Japan 2522 1184
Korea 2529 4141
Malaysia 2821 0800
New Zealand 2511 7218
Singapore 2527 2212
Switzerland 3509 5000
Thailand 2521 6481
The Philippines 2823 8501
USA 2523 9011
United Kingdom 2901 3000

For other telephone numbers inquiries

For English 1081
Time & Temperature 18503

For other telephone numbers inquiries, please call: 1081 (English hotline)

Gold or Gold alloy/ Platinum

It is required by the Trade Descriptions Ordinance that Articles of gold or gold alloy/ platinum or platinum alloy supplied in the course of trade or business at retail level must bear a mark indicating the fineness of gold/ platinum content in the form and manner specified. A retailer of articles of gold or gold alloy/ platinum or platinum alloy shall issue to a buyer at the time of supply, an invoice or receipt and retain a copy of that invoice/receipt for not less than 3 years from the date of issue. The invoice or receipt shall contain:
– the full name and address of the supplier;
– the price at which the article is supplied;
– the date of supply;
– the description;
– the fineness (where the article consists of different parts of different fineness of gold/platinum, the marks on each part); and
– the weight of the article (if the whole article is 足金 (Chuk Kam)/ 足白金 (Chuk Pak Kam));

A notice of not less than 210 mm x 297 mm specifying the legal requirements shall be displayed prominently at the point of supply.

For details, please visit:

Natural Fei Cui/ Diamond

According to the ordinance, a retailer of any article of natural fei cui / diamond shall issue to a buyer at the time of supply, an invoice or receipt and retain a copy of that invoice/receipt for not less than 3 years from the date of issue. The invoice or receipt shall contain:
– the full name and address of the supplier;
– the price of the article;
– the date of supply; and
– a description of the article as “natural fei cui plus other jade” or “natural fei cui” according to the definition in the Ordinance, OR the total weight of the diamond in carats or where the weight is unknown to the retailer, a statement to that effect; and a description of the article as
* being composed solely of diamond;
* being inlaid with diamond; or
* being inlaid with both diamond and other precious stones, as appropriate;

A notice of not less than 210 mm x 297 mm shall be displayed at the point of supply informing consumers the definitions of “fei cui” and “natural fei cui”/ “diamond” and the statutory requirements on retailers to issue invoices or receipts for the natural fei cui/ diamond articles supplied.

For more details, please visit:

For more information & enquiries, please contact the Customs at (852) 2815 7711, or visit www.customs.gov.hk. 

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